During pregnancy several bloodtest will have to be done. How often and how many depend on your medical history and your type of blood. We will inform you about the tests which need to be done during your pregnancy.

These are the types of bloodtests which need to be done or can be done:

  • After the intake in the first trimester of pregnancy we want to know your type of blood, sugar level, iron level and some infection diseases like hiv, hepatitis b and syphilis. This is a standard procedure and needs to be done for every pregnant woman.
  • At 10 weeks the NIPT test voor Down, Edwards and Patausyndrome can be done if you wish so
  • At 24 weeks some pregnant women have to do a special test for gestational diabetes (can only be done in hospital and you have to make an appointment)
  • At 27 weeks some pregnant women have to do a special test because of their type of blood
  • At 30 weeks we want to have the iron level checked for each pregnant woman

You can go to the hospitals of the HMC (Antoniushove, Westeinde and Bronovo), Haga and Lange Land (Zoetermeer). Look at the opening hours on the websites of the hospitals before you go.

Every working day, during the morning, you can also go to the Health Care Centre Loudon. Be aware that it’s NOT possible to do the NIPT bloodtest there.

Good to know….

It’s possible that you receive a (modest) bill from the laboratory afterwards, because part of the bloodtests are on your own account being part of your ‘own risk’ of the insurance company

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