At our main pratice at the Zaagmolenstraat 81 in Leidschendam we have the possibility to make all types of ultrasounds. Some midwives are ultrasonographers as well and they will perform the scans for you.

These are the type of scans that can be done:

  • A scan to check the vitality of the pregnancy (around 7-8 weeks)
  • A scan to determine the due date (between 10-12 weeks)
  • The 13 week scan ( part of the IMITAS study)
  • The anomaly scan (around 20 weeks)
  • A growth scan (around 34 weeks)
  • If needed a scan to check te position of the placenta related to the cervix (around 32 weeks)

More growth scans we only perform is there is a medical reason. We will discuss with you whether or not it’s necessary.

If you would like to have more scans without having a medical reason, we can realize this. Please discuss this with us during a check-up. The costs of the scan will be on your own account.

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