Birth control

Birth control

This may sound a little crazy, but it is a good idea to start thinking about contraception after childbirth while you are still pregnant. After all, there are many types and methods to choose from. During the week of maternity care (kraamweek) but also during the postpartum check-up, we will discuss contraception again. If desired, we can prescribe the pill and the nuvaring. We can also insert an IUD (coil).

An IUD is a very reliable form of contraception that can easily be combined with breastfeeding. You can come to us for the placement and/or removal of an IUD, 

In the long run, an IUD is much cheaper than the pill or a condom. It also provides you with years of protection without you having to think about it.

To make an appointment for the insertion of an IUD, you can contact us by phone via 0703010197 or by email

Even if you are not a client of ours, you can have an IUD inserted with us

We will send you a questionnaire to map your medical history and to gain insight into your preferred coil.

We work with two types of coils: the hormone-free copper coil and the hormone coil:

T-Safe copper coil
This is a hormone-free IUD, and the only IUD that is reliable for 10 years.
Cost of the coil itself € 70.96

Mirena hormone coil
This is a hormone-containing IUD that is reliable for 6 years. When using Mirena, the menstrual pattern can change or menstruation can even come to a stop altogether.
Cost of the coil itself € 147.47

Kyleena hormone coil
This is a hormone-containing coil that is reliable for 5 years. The Kyleena coil is slightly smaller than the Mirena hormone coil and contains fewer hormones. Otherwise, it operates in the same way as the Mirena.
Cost of the coil itself €147,47

For detailed information on how the coils operate, please refer to the leaflet or websites

When to insert?
An IUD can be inserted from 10 weeks after childbirth. After a C-section, insertion is possible from 12 weeks. If you have not given birth, we prefer to insert it at the end of a menstrual cycle.

The procedure
The cervix is made visible using a speculum. The uterus is subsequently measured and the coil can be inserted. Inserting the coil itself takes a few minutes. After the placement, an appointment is made for a follow-up check (approximately 6 weeks after insertion or after at least one menstrual cycle).

STIs and pregnancy
Before inserting an IUD, it is important to make sure that there is no risk of contracting an STI or being pregnant. Therefore, you should have safe intercourse at least until the insertion. If you are in doubt, please discuss this with us!

Follow-up check
Approximately 6 weeks after the placement, we schedule a follow-up check by phone. If you wish we can check the postion of the IUD with the ultrasound.

Cost of IUD placement
The cost of placing an IUD (including a follow-up check-up) amount to €73,35. This cost can be claimed from your health insurer. It is possible that the health insurer will not reimburse all costs or that the amount will (partly) be deducted from your excess. This differs per insurance and policy.

Please note: the cost of the coil itself is not reimbursed by the basic insurance for women aged 21 and older, unless they have supplementary insurance.

  • Ultrasound check after insertion elsewhere (for example at the GP): €44,28.
  • Removal of the IUD is also possible at Sifra.
  • We are forced to charge €35 for appointments that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance or appointments that are not kept.

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