Post partum period

Post partum period

In case of a normal childbed we come along every second day during the first week after having given birth. Should it be necessary, we come along more often.

The maternity nurse comes to your home for a number of hours daily and helps you to take care of and feed the baby. She also does a number of medical check-ups. In case of any problem or question she will always contact us.

We are the first contact in case of problems.

This also applies for absence of the maternity nurse and when you yourselves run into problems or have questions. So at first always call our mobile emergency number. If necessary we call in the General Practitioner, a lactation consultant or the paediatrician.. 

In principle we conclude the childbed after one week, but in case of any question you may still call and, if necessary, we come along. Sometimes we directly suggest you to call the General Practitioner or Child Health Centre.


When you are in hospital with your baby and have not been hospitalised on your own behalf, but stay at the Paediatrics ward, we always come along to perform a check-up on you. Despite the fact that you are in hospital we are the ones in charge and should be called by you in case of problems related to your own recovery.

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