Breastfeeding offers advantages for the mother as well as for the child. Apart from the many advantages for health in general it also offers many practical advantages.

Mother’s milk always has the right composition and temperature, is always available, hygienic and moreover cheap.

Regarding the choice whether or not to breastfeed mother nature speaks a clear language. Up to 98% of women proves physically to be able to breastfeed. We, of Sifra, support breastfeeding wholeheartedly. 80% of the women in the Netherlands choose to breastfeed after having given birth. 

A number of matters are important in order to make a success of breastfeeding, namely the basic knowledge of breastfeeding, good guidance at the start, support by your partner and (self)confidence.

The maternity nurse and the midwife will inform you further and help whenever necessary during your childbed. If you already have specific questions during your pregnancy, e.g. because breastfeeding with a previous child was not going well, do not hesitate to mention this during your check-ups. We could plan a separate appointment to answer all your questions and discuss your wishes. Four times a year we organise an information evening about breastfeeding. You will automatically receive an invitation by email.

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