Dutch midwifery system

Dutch midwifery system

The Dutch midwifery system is a bit different from most other countries in the world. Midwives have their own practices and work independently. However, the midwife and the gynaecologist work closely together to give every pregnant woman the best possible care.

If you are healthy and become pregnant, you register at a midwifery practice.

If problems occur during pregnancy the midwife will consult a gynaecologist or send you for a consultation. We follow the national and regional guidelines for these cases in which consultation is needed. We also have meetings with the gynaecologist every month during which we discuss if certain pregnant women can remain under the guidance of the midwife or not. If necessary your guidance will be taken over by the gynaecologist.

When you go into labour and everything is going well, you will call us and we guide you during a delivery at home or in hospital. Only in case of medical difficulties we will consult a gynaecologist. Sometimes it’s necessary for the gynaecologist to take over further guidance and we will step back. In some cases we both stay to guide you. It depends on the situation. Of course we will inform you about everything.

This whole system is based on continuous risk selection. Midwives are experts in normal, physiological pregnancies and deliveries. Gynaecologists are experts in pathology. If the selection goes well, this system is ideal.

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