As from 25th of May 2018 the law AVG (General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Details) went into force. Through this law we comply with the European Privacy Law. At Sifra Midwife Practice we have always carefully handled the processing of your medical details, but from then on we should be able to prove that we comply with this law and, amongst others, prove with documents, that you gave permission for passing information on to third parties.

This specifically implies the following:

  • By registering at our desk, by telephone or by filling in our registration form you personally supply us with details which we use in order to be able to give you adequate care. The personal details we process are: first and last name, date of birth, BSN-number, address, telephone number, email and further details which you actively supply us with, such as birth announcement.
  • Your personal details are only being passed on to third parties, such as a General Practitioner, Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, Nursing Care and/or Infant Welfare Centre, if necessary for supplying good care. Already at the beginning of your pregnancy we will ask you for written permission by means of a form to share details with third parties if necessary. Without written permission this will never happen.
  • You have the right to consult these (personal) details, correct or cancel them. You could send a request for perusal, correction or cancellation to To make sure that this request for perusal has been done by you, we ask you to add a copy of your ID. We therefore ask you to blacken the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone: the counterfoil with numbers on the bottom of your passport, passport number and BSN-number. This is to protect your privacy. Sifra Midwife Practice will react as soon as possible, but in any case within 4 weeks. If you requested us to cancel your details, we (possibly) cannot supply you any longer with well-considered care. The WGBO requires a period of saving records for 15 years. In such a case we save your details in inactive archives, invisible and unusable for the normal user.
  • You can withdraw your permission for processing the personal details. Then we (possibly) cannot guarantee well-considered care. In this case we save your records in inactive archives (see above-mentioned note).
  • Sifra Midwife Practice takes the protection of your records seriously and takes appropriate measures to avoid abuse, loss, unauthorized admission, undesirable publication and illicit modifications. If you have the impression that your records have not been secured well enough or if there are any indications of abuse, make these known to us. A possible data leak will be registered and reported.
  • We do not process your details any longer than necessary for supplying good care. We conform to the periods of saving records as indicated by the WGBO.
  • All the above-mentioned also goes for (personal) details which we received from third parties.


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