Information evenings

Information evenings

We regularly organise gatherings for free on specific subjects related to pregnancy and birth. Sometimes we are the speakers, but we often invite guest speakers.

The evenings are free and take place at Zaagmolenstraat 81.

The number of available seats is limited, so register quickly by sending an email to if you find it interesting to participate.

Information evening 'Breastfeeding'

Dates: due to corona we cancelled all data
Start: 19:30 – abt. 21:00 hrs.
Speaker: Sifra midwife
Target group: all pregnant women who intend to breastfeed or who are still in doubt whether or not to do so.

At Sifra we would like all pregnant women who choose to breastfeed to be informed the best possible way, about the initiation and about what is normal and what is not. The experience teaches us that, if you know what is normal, there is less uncertainty about breastfeeding during childbed. We ourselves, being midwifes, can usually guide a large part of the women who breastfeed during childbed. Sometimes, however, in particular cases, it may be advisable to call in a lactation consultant. 

Information evening 'Birth'

Date:  will follow  (online Zoom meeting!)
19:30 – abt 21:00 hrs.
Speaker: Sifra midwife
Target group: pregnant women from 30 weeks pregnancy onwards (calculating the date on which the evening will be held).

If your pregnancy proceeds well and the delivery starts normally, then, in principle, we are the ones to guide your delivery. During this evening we inform you particularly what a normal delivery implies. Besides, there is enough attention for pain and pain relief. This evening is definitely also interesting for partners or, e.g., for relatives who will be present during the delivery.

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