Regulations of complaints

Regulations of complaints

Should you have complaints about our midwife or our care regarding ultrasounds, please mention this to us. We hope to be able to solve the problem by discussing it with you.

When you are not in a position to discuss your complaint immediately, you could seek assistance at the department Information and Complaint Centre of Care Interest: telephone nr. 088-1205020

The staff of this department can tell you more about your rights and is gladly willing to give advice. They also assist in initiating the contact with us if you find this difficult or they will help you writing a letter about the complaint. 

Of course we hope that it will not get that far, but it could happen that we cannot resolve the problem together. We could then ask a mediator for help, an impartial person who helps us to find a solution. This person has been specially trained. The purpose of a mediator is to reinstate mutual faith.

When a discussion with us is not possible or when this did not solve the problem, you have the possibility to present your complaint to the Complaints Commission of the KNOV (Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives). This Complaints Commission examines and judges if the complaint is well founded. If so, the Commission will ask us to carry out adjustments in our practice. More information about the procedure can be found here.

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